Countdown: Tightn’ Up! Debut Album

Countdown: Tightn’ Up! Debut Album

Countdown to our Debut Album Release

We are very extremely-joyously-enthusiastically-excited to announce our debut album will be released a little over one month from now!

AND NOW WE CAN BEGIN by Tightn’ Up! is a collection of original funky soul music created and fine tuned for your senses with pleasure. We wrote songs and played them for you at our concerts and gave you snippets of our process on social media.  Some songs stuck, some songs went back to the creation station known as a Tightn’ Up! rehearsal and got refined, and some songs didn’t make the cut.  The gems that remain are only a few weeks away from being played by you, our mothafunkers in funk.

The official release date is Friday, August 18.

Thank you for going on this journey with us.  We hope you enjoy the creation.

album cover And Now We Can Begin Tightn Up houston texas funk debut soul r&b pop rock
And Now We Can Begin by Tightn’ Up!

You can pre-0rder AND NOW WE CAN BEGIN through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.  When August 18 arrives, you will immediately have a whole Tightn’ Up! debut album to listen to in your car stereo, on your favorite headphones, and through your home speakerbox of sound.

sellout dont be a sellout lyrics funk soul pop r&b canva
Let love abide, even if we can’t agree

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