Goosebumps at High Volume Live!

Goosebumps at High Volume Live!

High Volume Live! Super Second Saturday Showcase

tightn up high volume live

Ant Boogie, is a legend in Houston.  He owned and ran one of the best music stores in town, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, High Volume Music (where the open mic’s and annual Prince parties where EPIC), and still fronts an amazing band, Collective Hallucination.

Our drummer, Mike Hatter and our bassist, Urica Fernandez, played with Collective Hallucination in the past, and when Ant Boogie heard that they where still playing music, and with TIGHTN’ UP!, he booked us  as openers for his new music venue, High Volume Live!  He and the crowd enjoyed us so much, he booked TIGHTN’ UP! again for his new series, Super Second Saturday Showcase.


In his own words, “Super Second Saturday Showcase, where Ant Boogie introduces to the world two new and emerging acts in the City of Houston. From Gospel to Jazz and Country to Rock the city gets an opportunity to witness great artists in their infant stages before they become THE NEXT BIG THING!”


Here is a clip from that second show for High Volume Live! It’s one of our original tunes, Goosebumps!

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